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Support the development of choral music in Europe through its main network!

The European Choral Association - Europa Cantat (ECA-EC) is a non-profit association gathering organisations, choirs and individuals active in the field of collective singing in Europe. Through this network it is in contact with more than 2,5 million individuals in over 50 countries.

The targets of its activities and events are the 37 million singers, conductors, composers, managers and educators active in the field of collective singing in Europe. 

Since 1963, the aims of the association are to foster cooperation and mutual understanding between cultures, nations and individuals across social and political borders, to promote collective singing as tool for education and for community building and to represent the interests of the singing community.

The association is developing new projects to better answer the needs of the European choral world and to reach out to new singers, with a focus on younger generations.

You can discover the ECA-EC on the webiste www,europeanchoralassociation.org

All your donations will be used to develop the ECA-EC

Projektort: weberstr. 59a, 53113 bonn, Deutschland


S. Greiner

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